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mmmm yes… indulge…



Every little girl should want to be a stripper… You get to parade around in front of men, dressed like the filthiest whore imaginable. They lust after your cunt, your ass, your tits and you happily show them every inch of your wet, toned body while your cunt drips at the idea of all the hard cocks in your audience. You spend all your time making sure that your body is perfect, your hair long and soft, your makeup dark and enough to make everyone assume you’re a great fuck, and you don’t have to think about anything else… Just dancing around like a little slut, exhibiting your body and getting paid for it? What could be better than that for all the slutty little teen fuck-sluts of today? Well, unless you decided to go into porn, or escorting… Why aren’t school guiding girls to these careers?! Don’t they know that’s what all these little whores were made for?

So much love for this post.

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